How to create a freebie that converts

How to create a freebie that converts


Lead Magnet that Converts

Hey, are you looking out for ways, to create a freebie that converts?

If YES, then welcome to the club. 

Let me take a guess, you tried creating a digital freebie, but unfortunately, it did not help you in getting emails to your list. This is the most critical area for any digital marketeer.

A lot of people fail to realize this concept. It’s difficult to get traffic to your website or even on your landing page. For that, you need to have your website, blogs, and all your content SEO optimized. Even after that, paid traffic is sent directly to the merchant’s(vendor) site. Thus, losing out an opportunity to build an email list.

I had to share my piece of my mind there. 

Even, I am a beginner in this domain. I have collected around 50 emails so far with my digital freebie. I am not an expert in this field; however, I can do share my thoughts on the same. Let me break down the steps for you. But before the steps, I want to take a minute here, to highlight, why a freebie is so important.

Have you heard about the law of reciprocation? If not then let me explain. For example, have you been to a mall, looking out for some perfume? and the lady on the counter gives you a free demo of the perfume. And you are like it’s just amazing. Then you start asking for more details about the brand, pricing. and you start evaluating if it fits in your budget (You know what I mean. If you are in my category who doesn’t want to buy an expensive perfume).

Many software companies are giving a free trial. In this free trial period, they give you all the features to use and experience the software. Post which you can decide to buy it. It’s like giving you an addiction to something, that will influence you to buy.

So here is the guide to create a freebie that converts.

  • What is a freebie
  • What should your freebie do?
  • Types of freebie
  • Create a freebie using tools or Outsource it to Fiverr or Upwork
  • Sales Funnel

What is freebie?

Freebies, Opt-Ins or Lead Magnets all the same thing, is an incentive which you provide to your audience, in return for their email address. 

This way you provide free content and serve your audience. You also add their email to your list and can communicate with them via email by providing more valuable content.

What should your freebie do?

Your freebie should solve your audience’s problem. It should be valuable to your audience. The freebie should get him back to your website, blogs for more information. It should be a hook. You should begin by doing keyword research to see if people are searching for what you’re planning to offer. Check forums, try and address those frequently asked questions in a freebie format. That will get people to signup and be on your email list.

Types of freebie

Freebies can be a lot of different things, like information, a product, or a discount that is valuable to your ideal client. A few quick ideas for you…

  • PDF guide
  • Video tutorial
  • Webinar
  • Free prints
  • Free trial
  • Free consultation
  • Cheatsheets 
  • Templates 
  • Swipe Copies 
  • Membership Access
  • Discounted or free service

Create a freebie using tools or Outsource it to Fiverr or Upwork

Canva is a free design program, where you can design your Freebie and then export it as a PDF or any other form which makes sense.

If you are just starting; start for example with a “Free Checklist”. Go ahead and write down your post in Word or google sheets and then add this text to your Canva template.

Lastly, include a CTA, a Call to Action at the end of your Freebies. This could include sending them to other helpful related content on your blog, useful tools you can recommend to solve their problems.

Sales Funnel

You need to work on your sales funnel. This will help you in building an email list. Keep your audience engaged by sending valuable information and in between promotional offers that can benefit them. You can use autoresponders to keep your audience engaged.

To name a few, Getresponse, Aweber, Convertkit, Mailchimp, etc. are known players in the market for email marketing software.

Your Assignment:

Start researching and planning your freebie.

  • Who will be your target audience?
  • What do your competitors’ freebie looks like? Where can you improve?
  • Use a mindmap tool, paper, or other formats to draw out the components you want to put in your freebie.

Do share your thoughts in the comment section.


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