How To Find Your Target Audience?

How To Find Your Target Audience?

Wow! you started an online business, let’s say digital courses or physical products. You are going all out on social media about the product, Instagram, FB Ads, Google ads. Apparently, there are no sales for your business.

Hmm… Why is that, there are no sales? You did all you can from your end. You got the product and did all the possible marketing on social media as well. Then what went wrong?

A thought to ponder upon…

Well, this is what in general, people do.

The missing link in all this is KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

BIG companies pour in loads of money in doing market research to identify their target audience, through marketing consultants, by doing surveys, focus groups, interviews, demands unmet, competitors review and then analyzing the data. There are more methods to do that. However, we don’t have the bandwidth to do something like that.

C’mon that does not mean we can’t identify our very own target audience. I have listed down few basic questions that will help you narrow down your customer avatar in a two step process.

Let’s dig in. Answer the below questions in a notepad.

Step 1 – Demographics:

Who are they? Male or female?
Number or age of children?
Annual Income?
Level of Education?

TIP: The demographics are useful part of the Customer Avatar, when choosing targeting options in advertising platforms like Facebook.

Step 2 – Challenges & Pain Points:

What are the challenges your customer avatar is facing? And how can you get them moving from point A to point B.

Point APoint B
Current ChallengesYour Solution which will help your customer avatar to reach their goal
Example: Post-delivery, women’s have major challenge in losing weightYour solution will help women in losing weight post pregnancy
No support or guidance in weight loss
Major focus is on the baby, ignoring own’s health
Mindset of not able to lose weight
Not happy with the weight which they gained post pregnancy 

TIP: This section will help during copy-writing, email marketing and all your content creation.

Take one step further and find the OBJECTIONS.

If you are planning to sell a digital information product or a physical product, work on the objections which may arise during the sale process. These “objections” must be addressed in your marketing.


    • Anita, who recently delivered a baby, will not be able to hit the gym.
    • There are many fitness coaches in the market, who claims their weight loss programs, give results and are quite expensive.
    • What USP (Unique Selling Point) does your program has? Which will help in weight loss?

Objection Handling:

    • Your workout does not require to hit the gym
    • Your workouts are so easy and can be done at home in 25-30 minutes
    • You already have testimonials to prove that your program works
    • USP – Without intermittent fasting, dieting and hitting gym, lose weight up to 5/10 kgs in 45 days.

Do share your thoughts, whether this post helped you in identifying your target audience.


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  1. Priyanka Motwani Poojary

    Awesome post mukesh. I was looking for something that would help me understand why my business isn’t getting the mileage it shud. K hope the online course will prove to b beneficial.

    1. Mukesh

      Thank you! The course will provide foundation on Affiliate Marketing. However, the post will provide information on how to find your target audience. The most important piece in any business. Do revert if you have any trouble, working out your target audience.

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